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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Book Review: Dark Bites Part 2- Like Cats and Dogs

Dark Bites Part 2- Like Cats and Dogs
By: Robert Ropars

Goodreads Synopsis:
 Adriana is bitten by a jaguar in Guatemala. Returning to Chicago, she faces a renegade werewolf on a rampage. Can she learn the ways of the were-jaguar from her ghost lover Lily before the next full moon? Or will she fall before him as Lily did?

Short and sweet, this book was really good.  If you have an hour to sit down and relax this is a good choice.  It's a short story but complete.  You get to know the characters well, Robert Ropars did a nice job of creating a lot of depth and description for such a shorty. 

Like Cats and Dogs (Dark Bites)

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